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The Gift of Transformation

Tired of buying ‘things’ for your friend who has everything?

Give your loved one the ultimate gift: the gift of positive change!

Research shows that experience-based gifts are better received and more socially- connecting than material gifts.

Coaching gift vouchers make a meaningful and potentially life-changing gift for someone you care about. If your friend or loved one is going through a life change, feeling a bit stuck or needs to work on self-care/building positive qualities, then coaching gift vouchers make a thoughtful and unique gift which shows how much you care about them.

Vouchers can also be bought as a gift for yourself. This is the ultimate act of self-love! Choose your option below. Once you have completed payment, a receipt will be sent to you with a unique code to book sessions. You have the ability to generate a gift receipt which can be emailed or printed off to give as a gift.


Q.How long are gift vouchers valid for?

A.Vouchers are valid for up to a period of 12 months post purchase and are subject to availability.


Q. I received a gift voucher and want to get started on my sessions. What are my next steps?

A. Simply book your sessions though the link in your voucher. Sarah will contact you to set up your free discovery call. Once this has been done, you’re good to go!


Q. I’m excited to start coaching but I’m wondering how many sessions will I need?

A. It’s difficult to give a definite answer to this question as it depends upon many factors such as the nature of the goal, a client’s level of progress, the commitment to action steps, whether the goal evolves into something else etc. Your voucher entitles you to 3 x 1 hour sessions or 1 x 2 hour session. Typically Sarah works with clients in 90 minute sessions so once you have completed your voucher sessions you can then continue by booking monthly sessions.
Many clients make significant progress within 4-12 sessions. We regularly check in on progress to determine whether you are satisfied with it. Personal development work can take longer than other goals with some clients going beyond 6 months but this is a personal choice of the client and often arises as a result of discussion between coach and client.
Ultimately, the client determines what outcomes they are happy with and when they feel they have reached their goal. Sarah does not like to work with clients for longer than a one year period at a time and is committed to helping clients achieve their goals within as short a time frame as possible.


Q. I’ve had one session already myself but I’m thinking about passing on the next two to my friend who needs it more. Can I do this?

A. Vouchers are strictly for one person’s use only (the one who has had the discovery call).

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