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Sarah Murphy - Life Coach

Sarah Murphy

LIFE Coach

I’m Sarah, an accredited, masters-level lifecoach with a proven track record of success and hundreds of happy clients. I can help you to navigate change, overcome self-limiting behaviours, gain clarity on what you truly want and, most importantly, formulate a strategy to move you forward.

Msc. in Coaching Psychology
Msc in Applied Positive Psychology
Diploma in Life Coaching
Higher Diploma in Education
B.A. in Sociology

Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher


Fully accredited EMCC coach

Sarah Murphy - sitting by her computer, coaching online

I can help you

If you… are feeling confused, behind or stuck in your life

If you… are in a place of change and transition and are unsure of your next steps

If you… struggle with limiting beliefs which are holding you back

If you… need to discover who you are on a deeper level

If you… are in need of support as you take action to follow your heart

If you… have a lack of meaning or fulfilment in life or career

What is life coaching?

Life coaching can be invaluable for those who are feeling confused, stuck or behind in life or need clarity on their next steps. Often, those looking for life coaching are at transitional moments in life and have reached a moment of personal crisis.

This offers people an opportunity to rediscover themselves, learn from the past and reflect on what they truly want going forward. Sarah uses a strengths and values-based approach to help you get unstuck, gain clarity and wisdom, and most importantly, help you to move forward with strategy and confidence.

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Who I Work With

I work with women of all ages who are feeling a little lost, stuck or unsure of themselves. Some are at transitional points in life such as moving country, are between jobs or have experienced the end of a relationship. Some need help getting clarity on a situation or decision they have to make and coaching gives them the space and structure in which to do so.

Sometimes, clients don’t know exactly what they need to move forward and this emerges throughout the process. Increasing clients’ self-discovery and self-awareness are two important focuses within life coaching.

My Approach

My approach is cognitive-behavioural, evidence-based and solution-focused. I combine my expertise in positive psychology and coaching psychology with special interest areas of self-compassion, resilience, emotional intelligence & mindfulness to ensure clients reach their personal development goals.

I believe clients are whole & resourceful, not broken or in need of fixing. Through asking powerful questions, I access clients’ inner wisdom to make exciting & fulfilling changes.

All sessions are conducted online in a safe & non-judgemental climate.

Life Coaching sessions are conducted online from the comfort of your home

I can help you with

Building confidence & self-esteem

Creating a positive mindset

Gain a sense of clarity

Stress & anxiety management
Tapping into your inner wisdom
Overcoming your fears
Taming your inner critic
Creating a sense of meaning & purpose
Creating a strategy to move forward
Identifying your strengths & values
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How it works

It all starts with filling out my client application form . Once I have assessed your form, we set up your free discovery call. This is an informal chat where I get to hear about your current reality and goals. It is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and for me to explain my approach and process.

Once you have agreed to go all in for yourself, I will email you your coaching contract and some assessments to help you reflect on your desired outcomes and get you excited about the change process!

In this first email I will also send you my private link to book your sessions at a time of convenience for you. You will have control of booking your sessions and can reschedule using this link if you need to.

Let’s get started! We agree to work together on a monthly basis (4 x 90 minute sessions). At the end of each month, we determine if the goal has been met and whether we need to continue for the next month. Many clients achieve their goal within just 4- 12 sessions.

NB: All sessions are conducted online with complete privacy.

What my clients are saying

“I have notice a huge shift in my thought patterns”

I first met Sarah in a workshop she was leading. The workshop only lasted an hour or two, but in just that short space of time, I already noticed a huge shift in my thought patterns and walked out of the workshop with a renewed feeling of confidence.

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“One of the best decisions I have ever made”

I took the opportunity to start coaching with Sarah and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Sarah is compassionate and very supportive and through working with her you get results! In the first few weeks weeks I felt a massive shift in myself

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“I would highly recommend her to potential clients”

Sarah is a wonderful, warm, intuitive and collaborative life coach who is highly skilled at listening to, and understanding, her clients’ needs. She has a unique ability to get to the heart of any matter, and by working tirelessly with her clients to better understand their

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“Refreshing, practical and exactly what I was looking for”

I first met Sarah when I attended a few of her wonderful workshops. I got so much out of the interactive 2 hour workshop that I decided, then and there, to ask Sarah if I could book in with her for individual, one to one sessions. It was the best decision

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‘Invaluable knowledge and support’

Sarah coached me when I first moved home to Ireland after living abroad for many years. It was a transitional time in my life and Sarah helped me identify what mattered to me the most in terms of life goals and what steps I should make next to achieve them. I found her methods really great as she helped me reach my own conclusions rather than direct me.

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