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Compassion-based Self-Love, Self-Connection and Confidence-Building Program

We all want to live our best lives and reach our potential, right?

Self-love is the fuel that enables us to thrive amid adversity and challenge on the way to creating our best lives. Without self-love, confidence isn’t possible; we will disempower ourselves through self-sabotage and self-criticism. Encompassing how we think and feel about ourselves, many of us know that self-love is important, but we don’t know how to go about practising it.

This comprehensive science-based program will teach you the ‘how’ of self-love, improve your relationship with yourself, give you the mindset tools for success, help you cultivate courage, set healthy boundaries and assert yourself, and ultimately, help you get out of your own way to create a fulfilling and happy life.


The Empower & Rise

Self- Love & Confidence -Building Group Coaching Program

This program was created specifically to address the issues I would see among coaching clients time and again. Although they presented with different backgrounds, ages and contexts, the goals were similar and so too were the obstacles. Women were holding themselves back. They were tired, stressed, unfulfilled, frustrated, disempowered and tragically lacking in self-love and confidence. 

Each module has been created to address these common needs and issues. Everything we cover in this program is there for a reason: to help free women from the chokehold of their inner critic, start harnessing the power of their emotions, creating a kinder start prioritising self-care and setting healthy boundaries so that they can unleash their inner light and potential into the world. It needed to be created and now it has been created! Content is based on an experienced educator and coach’s lived experience with 100s of clients and trusted science-based strategies and tools.

About Me

  • Msc. in Coaching Psychology
  • Msc in Applied Positive Psychology
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Higher Diploma in Education
  • BA. in Sociology
  • Fully Accredited EMCC Coach
  • Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher
Sarah Murphy - Life Coach

Sarah Murphy (Msc)

Sarah is a masters-level accredited coach, self-compassion teacher and wellbeing specialist. She has been teaching and coaching people of all ages and backgrounds on themes of self-care, self-worth and confidence-building since 2015.

She has a master of science in coaching psychology and applied positive psychology, a higher diploma in education and a diploma in life coaching as well as advanced training in mindfulness and self-compassion. She is passionate about empowering women to create a kinder relationship with themselves as a basis for building the courage and resilience needed to step out of fear to create meaningful lives of fulfilment and joy.

Why I created this program

I created this program to address common needs I repeatedly saw among my coaching clients. Although clients would present with different backgrounds, ages and contexts, the goals were similar and so too were the obstacles. Women were presenting as tired, stressed, unfulfilled, frustrated, disempowered and lacking in self-love and confidence. Women want to feel a sense of competence and achieve their goals and potential but often got in their own way or didn’t have the support to do so.

They wanted to appreciate, accept and befriend themselves but experienced a harsh inner critic and didn’t know themselves on a deeper level. They wanted to feel more empowered in respect of their mind and emotions but lacked essential mindset and emotional intelligence tools. They wanted to experience vitality and wellbeing that comes from making self-care a priority but people pleasing, low self-worth and limiting beliefs got in the way. They wanted to advocate for their needs and speak up assertively but lacked the inner permission and know-how to do so.
Was there a way to guide a small group of women through a live coaching program to address these common needs? Could they simultaneously access and benefit from the power of a supportive community? That’s what I have created here. Each module has been created to address the needs and issues that so many women have. Everything we cover in this program is there for a reason: to help free women from the chokehold of their inner critic, start harnessing the power of their emotions, self-care, setting healthy boundaries so that they can unleash their inner light and potential into the world. It needed to be created and now it has been created for any woman to experience from the comfort of her own home!

Are you ready to

  • Create happiness from within
  • Start valuing the wonderful person that you truly are
  • Create greater self-alignment by connecting with who you are on a deeper level
  • Let go of people-pleasing, perfectionism and proving yourself
  • Learn essential self-compassion practices to truly take care of your needs
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Learn how to regulate and manage your emotions
  • Finally give to yourself the kindness that you so readily give to others
  • Allow your authentic self to step forward and shine
  • Build your courage and step out of your comfort zone
  • Gift yourself the space and time for personal growth and self-care

This transformational coaching program

will help you to

  • Become aware of the blocks you have to being truly self-loving
  • Remove the internal barriers to self-acceptance and contentment
  • Stop beating yourself up and get on your own side
  • Become a compassionate friend to yourself rather than your own worst enemy
  • Challenge self-defeating and critical thoughts to create more support and balance
  • Befriend and manage your emotions more effectively
  • Communicate more clearly and effectively & set healthy boundaries in your relationships
  • Feel more positive in day-to-day life

How it works

This program consists of 7 modules of impactful content delivered via 12 x 3 hours of live Zoom coaching calls.  Coaching sessions take place each week on a Saturday morning from 10- 1pm (GMT) with a week’s break every two two weeks to allow coachee’s to process, assimilate and work on their action steps.  Q & A sessions will also take place on break weeks to support coachee learning and implementation. Payment plans are available to lessen financial barriers.

Group 1 dates

From: Sat Jan 28th – To: May 20th

Time: 10:00 – 13:00 GMT

Dates: Jan 28th, Feb 4th, Feb 18th, Feb 25th, Mar 11th, Mar 18th, Apr 1st, Apr 8th, Apr 22nd, Apr 29th, May 13th, May 20th.

Group 2 dates

Starting in August – dates to be confirmed.

*If Saturday morning does not suit you, please fill out the following form to indicate your preferred day/time.


Part 1: Empower

Clearing the Path, Understanding Fear & Cultivating Courage

In this module we have you get clear on outcomes you are hoping to achieve as well as identifying barriers and obstacles which may be holding you back. Discover how self-love deficit shows up specifically for you as well as identifying irrational fears. Learn effective confidence-building tools. Goal setting & courage-building begins in this first module.

Appreciating the Gold Within: Self-Discovery, Self-Worth & Self-Appreciation

This comprehensive self-discovery module will help create a solid foundation of self- worth, self-appreciation and self-connection. It is jam-packed with experiential, reflective and practical exercises including mirror work, guided visualisation and meditation. Coachee’s will learn to appreciate their positive qualities, to give and receive compliments with ease, identify and develop their character strengths and core values and will feel more connected to their authentic selves.

Accepting Myself With Compassion: Learning Unconditional Self-Acceptance

It’s hard to create the life of your dreams without learning to accept yourself fully and without conditions. This module introduces some powerful self-compassion exercises and body acceptance exercises to help you embrace who you really are (rather than who or what you ‘should’ be).

Kind Mindset Mastery

A great deal of our suffering and self-sabotage comes from self-criticism, our so- called inner critic. This keystone module offers you essential cognitive behavioural and compassion-based tools to help you create an empowered, self-loving mindset.

Part 2: Rise

Taking Care of Our Needs

In this module you will be invited to try out a variety of multi-dimensional self-care practices and create your very own tailored self-care plan. You will also be introduced to some emotional intelligence skills, self-compassion and positive psychology interventions to manage difficult emotions, connect with your needs and cultivate positive emotions.

Setting Healthy Boundaries & Communicating Assertively

Often, our lack of self-love is revealed to us in relationship challenges. Create healthier, more fulfilling relationships by learning about the different types of boundaries, how to set them as well as essential assertive communication strategies. Create and implement your own tailored boundaries and assertive communication plan.

Creating the Life We Deserve

This module helps you to bring it all together. Step out of irrational fears & self- sabotage and set compassionate and aligned goals from a new place of empowerment and self-awareness. Features guided visualisation and positive psychology interventions to help you create an inspired vision and support you in taking action. Final bonus self-love challenges help you to measure your personal progress.

As part of this program, you will receive…

  • An amazing array of self-love joumaling prompts and exercises
  • Evidence-based psychological tools and techniques to reframe negative thoughts and help you create a helpful, supportive inner voice
  • Tools to reframe negative thoughts
  • Guided meditations and visualisations
  • Self-compassion practices which will help decrease stress and create a kinder self-to-self relationship
  • Powerful exercises and interventions from neuroscience, positive psychology, life coaching, mindfulness and self-compassion
  • Emotional intelligence skills and essential emotional self-care tools
  • Video lessons to support your Iearning and implementation
  • Private access to your own Iearning portal
  • Bonus Masterclass: ‘Body Love and Acceptance’
  • Bonus Event: A surprise event, which will be confirmed in time

With Empower & Rise coaching, you get:

The tools you need to break through the shields that you built to protect yourself, which have become the very barriers that are holding you back.

Register in 3 simple steps

Step One: Fill out the application form here. Once I have assessed your suitability for the program, you will be emailed a link to book your place. This typically will happen within a 24 hour window. In some cases, applicants will be contacted to attend a short Zoom call with Sarah to discuss their goals further.

Step Two: Once you have booked your place, you will be invited to create your personal login to the learning portal. You will also receive your coaching contract to read through and sign

Step Three: Get excited! Complete your assessments and pre-session work and get ready for the first live call!

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I’ve helped 100’s of women improve their relationship with themselves

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Flexible monthly payment plans (3 x €350) are available to purchase this course.

What Clients Are Saying About Sarah’s Coaching

I felt I have achieved everything I was looking for; it was a great experience and really gave me the tools to gain back control of my own life. l have really learned to take the time to look after myself physically and mentally- something I have found hard since becoming a mum. Sarah’s approach has helped me more than I ever thought when first starting. After every session I felt so uplifted and motivated. Sarah is fantastic at what she does! Thank you so much for everything. It was so helpful and truly a lovely experience. I learnt more about myself and really learnt how to look after myself and be kinder to myself“

Nicole C.

“l 100% achieved the results I was looking for-it was life changing for me. I am more confident in saying no and I view some of my relationships completely differently. I was always putting other people first but I no longer feel that pressure anymore. It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I am more relaxed and no longer feel I have to please others (it’s a work in progress). I have changed many habits and working on improving myself which is the result of putting myself first more often. My confidence has definitely increased and I value my time and worth more.”

Sarah O’ S.

“I wanted to come out of the coaching sessions with a better understand of how to manage my anxiety, my understanding of what brings me happiness and how to accept that it may be a new beginning in life. This has all been achieved and more! I’m now much better at being compassionate with myself, accepting of my feelings and not pushing them away. These two things have been incredibly difficult in the past. I’m far better at trusting myself and my decisions also. Sarah really made me believe that I could do things that are hard and uncomfortable for me.”

Jana C.

“Sarah has great warmth and compassion combined with a clarity of thought, which is wonderful. She has a depth of knowledge in the area of psychology and wellbeing and a trove of resources to share. This was my first experience of coaching and l was really impressed! I have learned a lot about self- compassion – how important it is and strategies to increase it. l have come to recognise how ‘excessive people pleasing’ as a strategy is no longer useful or appropriate in my life today and I am much better at identifying my own needs and desires and creating space to provide for them. I am proud of having overcome some of my fears. I am proud that am learning to take the ‘to do’ list in my stride. “

Patricia R.

“My experience with the powerful force that is Sarah gave me the deepest understanding and connection with myself. She guided me to being my own best friend. I never truly believed that kindness or compassion could be achieved virtually but Sarah has convinced me otherwise; she made me feel safe and hopeful. There’s a special place in my heart for the 12 weeks I spent working with Sarah. I felt heard and understood and left our time with a huge amount of simple but effective ways in which I can enrich my life. I hope I can honour the work now and keep them going! An enormous virtual hug and thank you x”

Rosin Mc C.

“I honestly feel huge improvements in my habits and thought processes and more confident in my own judgements. I was very unsure of my decisions and felt a little bit lost but I have gained a lot of clarity in trusting myself more and checking in with what I want. I have really prioritised my self care and doing gratitude journaling and recording what I’m proud of has really improved my mood and outlook. I do things because I want to, not because I feel like I should! I am proud of these changes in myself as I would automatically people please.”

Eimear K.

Let’s Get Started! Complete your application form to being your journey

This is a Promise From Me To You

Guarantee #1: Quality

This program is designed to be effective and is based on years and years of real-life coaching client experiences as well as evidence-based tools. Every effort is made to link interventions and exercises to science-based tools such as positive psychology interventions (PPls), neuroscience, emotional intelligence and self-compassion. 

Guarantee #2: Expertise

Sarah is an experienced educator and fully accredited coach who has almost 18 years combined teaching and coaching experience which she brings to this program. She brings her advanced training in teaching the evidence-based mindful self-compassion program to bear on the curriculum as well as a wide variety of training in psychology. 

Guarantee #3: Results

Sarah has an excellent track record of success with clients and a 9.5% satisfaction rating from clients to date and excellent testimonials. Every tool and intervention has been tried and tested on clients in either 1:1 or group settings. Every effort is ensured to maximise coachee chances of bringing about positive change.


“How long before I start seeing results?”

…and answers to other smart questions:
I've never done group coaching before. What can I expect?
Group coaching is interactive, semi-structured and dynamic. This is not an information-heavy program, but rather, the emphasis is on embodiment, practice and integration of the practices so that self-love becomes a habit rather than a concept. You can expect to feel inspired and motivated by being part of such a supportive group of women, many of whom are feeling just like you do. The group is small, warm and collaborative and is the perfect environment to grow into yourself!
I'm wondering what the benefits of group coaching are compared to one-to-one coaching. Which will suit me best?

This particular form of personal development coaching lends itself very well to a group setting and a pre-determined curriculum. This is one of the reasons why the program was created- as a way of addressing common needs efficiently for a wider client group.

In group coaching, there are opportunities to learn, connect and gain personal insights which you would simply not get from a one-to-one context. If you are looking for a very tailored approach to your specific context, then this may not be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you are open to a collaborative learning experience, enjoy meaningful connection with others, are willing to grow individually while supporting each other for a fixed period of time, then this may be a great option for you.

I'm not sure that I will be able to attend all sessions. Will I still be able to attend?
This is a live program and full attendance is required in order for you to gain the most from the program. If for some unavoidable reason you cannot attend a session, please notify Sarah and a limited recording will be made available for you. This is not the ideal situation however. Missing a session is not recommended and participants are asked to consider their availability carefully before booking.
I'm quite shy and not comfortable speaking in groups. Will this be an issue?
Many participants of the program are naturally shy, introverted or socially anxious. A climate of warmth and respect is created right from the beginning to enable participants to feel safe. It is up to you how much or how little you engage. Generally speaking, participants are encouraged to engage and participate as best as they can.

This could be seen as a growth opportunity for those who may lack confidence and being courageous in facing your anxiety can offer a resource-building opportunity. On the other hand, if the thought of a group program seems too overwhelming, another form of professional help might be a better fit.

What if I need extra support?
The Q&A sessions are designed to address any concerns, questions or difficulties that arise. While attendance at the Q&A is optional, it is recommended that you attend as you can learn a lot from listening to others. That being said, your time is limited and participants are asked to be mindful of others’ needs at these sessions.
What is your refund policy?
You have 5 days after the first workshop in which to claim a refund. You will be required to submit your home practice as proof of engagement first.

There is No Time Like The Present

One brave moment could change your life.

Taking the brave step to sign up today (and resisting the urge to talk yourself out of it) is a really positive first step in overcoming your fear and showing up for yourself.

If you are feeling an inner nudge and calling to join, then I wholeheartedly encourage you to apply today.