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Secrets of Self-Worth

How do you feel about yourself? Do you see yourself as a basically good, valuable person with plenty to offer the world? Or do you struggle to see...

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How to Know You Are in the Wrong Job

How do you view your work? Is it a means to an end? Is it just the ‘way you get to pay for stuff’ or is it something more meaningful? Do you do it because it brings you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction? Does it reflect your interest, abilities and passion? Should or could your work bring you personal fulfilment?

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7 Amazing Things that happen when you begin to work with a Life Coach

Most of us like to think we can navigate this thing called life without the need to employ a professional life coach. There may even be a stoic sense of duty to oneself to know what is best, plough through obstacles and to go things alone. But for those who are hungry for change, stuck, indecisive or in self-sabotage mode, employing the professional services of a life coach can potentially work wonders to help you push through and really improve your life.

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